Dog Pics That Go Viral [10 Tips] Dog Photo Ideas for Instagram, Facebook, Social Media

Dog Pics That Go Viral [10 Tips] Dog Photo Ideas for Instagram, Facebook, Social Media

Your dog is super adorable so of course they belong on Instagram and other social media sites. They may constantly steal the spotlight on your page or even have their own! We've researched top dog Instragram profiles and put together some tips for you. So if you need some fresh ideas to boost your Instagram feed and social media, or are just starting out, check out these 10 tips for taking super cute dog photos.

1) Awesome Locations & Backdrops

Great looking pictures create a beautiful feed and profile pages that are pleasant to look at. You don't need a professional photography studio, but if you need a great excuse to do some redecorating, then go for it! You can make do some simple tweaks that can take your photos to another level, like getting a new rug, plus your dog will love posing on the soft plush surface. Or you can add a trendy new throw blanket in the mix, again, something soft that your dog will love - think of the cute cuddly expressions you will catch on camera!

Here's how to find some great locations:

  • Bring your camera on daily walks and trips to the park. The great outdoors is always a great setting for gorgeous pictures, especially authentic candid photos
  • Visit iconic landmarks and locations in your hometown

2) Tidy Up

Taking photographs in your home is perfectly fine and convenient. It's also authentic and showcases your personality and taste. However, you may just want to take a quick look around and clean up and organize to keep your backdrop looking attractive and not a distraction. Some simple bins and organizers may be all it takes. Even just dusting or cleaning the windows can make a big difference.

3) Dynamic Duo - Use Your Awesome Personalities

You and your dog have unique personalities that create a special bond so let that shine through in your photos. Think about your favorite things, hobbies and things you like to do together or places you like to go. Got a favorite dog friendly coffee spot? Take your dog to work? Does your dog give you the cutest looks when your cooking something delicious in the kitchen? You'll be able to find ways to express your personalities but also find things in common with others and make new friends. Candid, unplanned photos are sometimes the best shots!

4) Treats & Toys as Props & Rewards 

Dogs don't understand everything we say, (although sometimes it seems like they do, especially when food is involved!), so keep them engaged and motivated with a stash of healthy dog treats and dog toys that squeak and crinkle. 

If you dog just the cutest when they crunch on carrots or pounce on their favorite toys? Photo op! You can take a cute video to go live, or post for extra attention. Followers find videos more engaging and interesting and many social media platforms favor media content such as Instagram Reels. Dog toys can also be a great way to add a pop of color or personality to your photos. 

5) Take It On The Road

It's always fun to go on an adventure with your dog! Research take day trips to scenic places and quaint towns to visit near your home. It's a great way to share new experiences with your dog and add variety to your social media feed.

6) Show off Dog Tricks

Video posts are dominating social media, so capturing your adorable pup doing tricks and being cute can be a great way to add video content to your feed. Video can show another side of your dog's personality that sometimes just can't be captured in still photos.

7) Collaborate & Team Up - copy cat, collab

You can team up with friends to do group photo shoots and enjoy an outing to the dog park or road trip with the people & dogs you love spending time with.

Copy-cat collaborations are super fun - this is when you team up with someone and you re-create eachother posts in your own way.

8) Dress Up

You can also dress your dog in cute dog hoodies and t-shirts to portray lifestyle shots and showcase your dog's special personality. Check out our cute graphic t-shirts for dogs and stylish jackets & pullovers.

Holidays are also a great time for dressing up and new holiday themed toys.

9) Quality over Quantity

This is a cliche, but it's still true, but widely ignored. Your time is precious, after all, you've got a precious pup to spoil. So first, use the best quality camera you have (no need to get a new one, modern phones have great cameras). If you use your phone, check that the settings are on the highest quality and shoot in good lighting conditions. It can be hard when photographing an energetic dog, but try to frame your photo right so that you have a great picture to work with when you crop or use a filter.

10) Make Your Own Rules

Spending time with your pup and having photos as memories should be a fun and great bonding experience. So don't stress too much about getting the perfect shot, just enjoy being with your best fur buddy and make memories.

More Tips

  • Shoot video and photos 
  • You don't need an expensive camera - newer phones are equipped with great cameras that take quality photos that will be good enough for posting on social media and websites. You can even print photos from your phone with services like Shutterfly or Snapfish. Smartphone pics may not be suitable for large prints, but will be definitely be fine for 4x6" and maybe  5x7" or larger depending on your camera.
  • Learn how to use camera settings on your phone - smart phone cameras have different settings and modes to make your photos look professional. Samsung phones, for example also have a single take feature that will take a video and product a still photo, video and gif. If you don't have a feature like this on your phone, there may be apps available that will give you more settings or modes to film and shoot with.

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