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HEY LITTLE DOGS! (and their people!)

We love dogs of all shapes and sizes, but our online store was especially created for little dogs (up to 35 lbs - ish). Our inspiration is little dog Ash who was rescued from a high kill shelter in California. When Ash's mom took him home, she started spoiling him right away, and spent hours at stores and online looking through stuff that was mostly for dogs bigger than Ash - it would be so much easier if there was a store with just little dog stuff!

So hey little dogs...this is for you!

Ash's mom loves him so much that she created a store just for him. She is an artist and designer (you'll see her drawings of Ash and his pals on our website), and along with the Cuteness Squad, she hand picks and designs the products for the Hey Little Dogs store. We want to hear from you and see your adorable pictures, please send us pics, requests and suggestions - upload pics and send us a message!

ASH, CCO, Chief Cuteness Officer
Ash is our inspiration, he is a handsome Chihuahua mix who was turned in as a stray to a shelter in California. This sweet little guy loves to snuggle and sleep in his cozy nester dog bed but also likes running and hiking. Even though he is a little dog, Ash can go for miles, sniffing and digging along the trails. His favorite dog toys are soft and squeaky. He loves to thrash plush toys and rip off fir! He goes crazy for peanut butter flavored dog treats and cheese! Ash is a Pacific NW pup and keeps warm in the winter with little dog shirts, jackets like his FuzzYard Yeezy Dog Vest and small dog sweaters. See Ash's Favorites


RUCKUS, CMO, Chief Munchies Officer
Ruckus is a handsome miniature Australian shepherd who loves playing, snuggling and snacking on treats. He likes to toss, tug and fetch and is also a super swimmer! This Aussie is a determined chewer and likes to keep his mind active. Ruckus just can't get enough treats and snacks! This smarty has figured out 100 ways to get the treats out of his monster mouth treat ball. Zuke's crunchy naturals with berries is one his favorites and they fit perfectly inside the treat ball. See Ruckus's Favorites

PIPPER, CFO, Chief Fluffy Officer
This toy Aussie loves to play fetch, especially with tennis balls and is also great at frisbee. She is super smart sweetie who knows every trick in the book and is a daddy's girl too! Pipper is an Aussie who loves adventure and is a great sport on hikes with her people. Pipper is great at fetching Chuck-it whistler balls - they are the perfect size for her mouth. She also loves Yak milk bones and chomping in Yak puffs! See Pipper's Favorites

TURBO, CSO, Chief Snuggle Officer
Turbo is an adorable miniature pinscher. He's the old man of our squad so he doesn't play too hard, but he still likes to chase and thrash toys around once in a while. Most of the time, he just wants to cuddle under a blanket on the couch with his humans. This sweetie is a picky eater (allergic to chicken) and doesn't like anything fishy, he sticks with the classics! This min-pin especially loves small toys like his soft Kong mini frog. He's also a fan of peanut butter and cheese! See Turbo's Favorites

ROCKET, SVP, Senior Vice Puppy
Rocket is the baby of our squad but don't let his sweet face fool you - he has a mischievous side! He's got lots of energy and keeps up with his pack all day long. This little Aussie shepherd will chase any toy thrown his way and loves tug-o-war! One of Rocket's favorite toys is his Hide-a-Squirrel puzzle dog toy. He also likes to play tug-o-war with the Kong tugger frog, and of course this miniature Aussie pup loves the Kong miniature frog too! Rocket loves all kinds of treats including SmartBones chews. See Rocket's Favorites

ASTRIC, Head of Product Testing
Astric is not a little dog, but he is a wise fellow with seven little dog siblings who sometimes share their treats and toys with him. He is a Catahoula Leopard dog who is obsessed with swimming - he make big splashes so he can bite the water while he's swimming! He's a picky eater who likes soft dog treats the best. This sweet guy also loves to snuggle and give endless kisses! See Astric's Favorites

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We want to hear from you and see your adorable pictures, please send us pics, requests and suggestions - click here to upload your pup pics and contact us

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