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Chihuahuas are famously small, but this breed has a colossal personality. Classified as a toy breed, these little pups are often chock full of confidence and attitude. In fact, they’ll likely hold their own among dogs who are ten times their size. Still, to the ones they love, Chihuahuas have a reputation for being intensely loyal, protective, and sweet dogs.

The world’s smallest dog breed also has a fascinating history, a fun-loving flair, and a mischievous side. Although this little bruiser isn’t for everyone, Chihuahuas can make for excellent companions. If you’re looking for love in miniature form, the Chihuahua might be the right dog for you.

Chihuahuas are one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. Most historians agree that they originated in Chihuahua, the largest state in Mexico. Although they, of course, weren’t named Chihuahuas at the time, Mexicans started selling them to American tourists in the late 1800s when they crossed the border from Texas. It was during these exchanges that the dog picked up the name of its home state.

Yet, even before this, it’s speculated that Chihuahuas are the descendants of the ancient dog, Techichi. These thin-framed companion dogs roamed pre-Columbian Mesoamerican civilizations. Later, during the period of the Mayans (1800 BC to 900 AD) these 10-20 pound dogs were often found buried with their humans. Archeologists have also discovered figurines of these dogs, which share many similar characteristics with the modern day Chihuahua.

Some historians also guess that Chihuahuas were created through the breeding of Techichi dogs and Chinese Crested dogs, which often weigh in at 10 pounds. Others argue that these dogs have European descent. Still, new DNA evidence supports the theory that Chihuahuas are the great-great-great grandchildren of ancient Mexican dogs. Today, they can be found as companion animals all over the world.

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